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Bluffworks wrinkle-free pants cost $93.
Bluffworks wrinkle-free pants cost $93.


▪ Wrinkle-Free Travel Pants


When the Twitter click-bait headline from Smarter Travel reads: “Travel Clothes That Feel Like Pajamas (But Look First Class),” who could resist checking it out? Good thing, too, because one of the links is to Bluff Works Pants. Imagine this, guys: Wrinkle-free, odor-resistant business casual pants that the company claims are “ready for 5 days of wear without care in-between.” At $93, they aren’t the cheapest pants out there but, remember, it gives you permission to wear the same pants five days in a row. Priceless.


▪ “Tuolumne in Pictures,” by Ryan Alonzo

$8.95; Yosemite Conservancy

This slim volume – kind of like a miniature coffee-table book – delivers just what its title says. The photos of the eastern corner of Yosemite National Park are sublime, from the herds of mule deer roaming the pasture to the curvy Tuolumne River to the cumulus clouds that gather above the granite peaks. The text is pretty skimpy, but what did you expect from a book with this title? This one’s a keeper for nature photography lovers.


▪  “12 Hawaiian Words Every Visitor Should Know”

From Budget Travel’s Blog, comes this primer.

1. Aloha (“hello or goodbye”)

2. Mahalo (“thank you”)

3. Opala (“trash”)

4. Mauka/Makai (mauka: inland side; makai: ocean side)

5. Pau (“finished”)

6. Kapu (“keep out”)

7. Keiki (“children”)

8. Kokua (“to help”)

9. Wikiwiki (“hurry up”)

10. Hana Hou (“again” or “encore”)

11. Akamai (“smart”)

12. Ono (“the fish more commonly known as wahoo”)


“What does it mean to pre-board? Do you get on before you get on?”

– George Carlin

Compiled by Sam McManis,