2 airlines add nonstop flights from Sacramento to Boston and Chicago for summer season

Airlines this month launched summer flights from Sacramento to two of the nation’s most popular travel cities, Chicago and Boston, Sacramento International Airport announced.

American Airlines has begun daily nonstop service to and from Chicago, as it have done seasonally for three years from spring through the December holidays.

JetBlue also has resumed daily nonstop service to and from Boston. The airline plans to continue those flights until Labor Day. But Sacramento officials say they are pushing to get JetBlue to extend to the end of October to allow travelers to visit the fall colors.

Sacramento airport officials said the new routes will make it easier for travelers to connect to European flights and other domestic flights in the east.

“These are two of my favorite American cities, having lived in both places, visiting now is wonderful because there is even more to see and do,” said Cindy Nichol, Sacramento Airports director. “We love having transcontinental access to Boston all summer as it’s such an amazing summer destination and a great jumping off point for European travel. And getting additional service to a great city like Chicago just helps make the route even more competitive for travelers.”

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