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The Mogo Upright Travel Seat costs $99.
The Mogo Upright Travel Seat costs $99. www.focal upright

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Mogo Upright Travel Seat


They say sitting is killing us, but standing all the time can get a tad tiring. How about leaning? No, we’re not talking about the Sheryl Sandberg empowerment philosophy; it’s a hybrid seat/stool to carry, prop up and lean on when, say, you’re in a long line at the Southwest Airlines terminal. The seat, which is leather, tilts, pivots and adjusts with your movements. With this, you’ll be the envy of the TSA security line.


Showers Pass Torch Socks

$15.95 (ankle height) and $17.95 (crew height)

Originally designed for endurance cyclists, these warm, rain-repellent and reflective socks are used by ultrarunners and hikers alike. The reflective logo (“500 candlepower,” according to the manufacturer, whatever that means) at the Achilles tendon enables you to be visible on the road at night. The socks, made of merino wool and Lycra, also have a compression fit at both the arch and Achilles to boost circulation.

The List

Outside Magazine’s 6 Serious Surf Getaways

Writer Ann Abel lists surfing schools in cool locales that cater to women:

1. Surf Simply, Costa Rica (located at Playa Guiones in Nosara)

2. Rancho Santana, Nicaragua (residential community on the Pacific Coast)

3. Surf with Amigas, Central America (schools in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama and Nicaragua)

4. Kelea Surf Spa, Hawaii (North Shore Oahu, surf and yoga retreat)

5. Tropicsurf, various locations (including Punta Mita, Mexico)

6. Aganoa Lodge, Samoa

Compiled by Sam McManis/