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ShaveTech electric razor


Do weary male travelers really need an electric razor that looks amazingly like a smartphone? Wouldn’t that lead to certain hilarity, such as a guy trying to speak into his razor or shave with an iPhone? Apparently people clamor for it. The razor comes with a USB plug so you can connect it to your laptop and shave while you scan Twitter.


Wood n’ Stream Navigator Boots


Sure, those ultra-light boots with fancy moisture-wicking features are great for hiking on most trails, especially here in California, where inclement weather mostly is a mere memory. But, sometimes, you just want to have a sturdy, heavy leather boot to handle technical treks. These “navigator” boots can take a beating, and a water-proof inner lining is a second level of defense against seeping moisture. These boots are pricey but figure to last a long while.


Top 3 summer hikes in the Alps

Writer Rebecca Taylor weighs in:

1. The Haute Route, Zermatt to Chamonix: A multi-day hike of about 14 miles a day with distinct elevation gains. You’ll reach 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps.

2. The Eiger Trail, Eigergletscher to Grindelwald: A 7-hour out-and-back trek that starts at the train station at Eigergletscher and ascends to great views of the Grindelwald valley.

3. Gornergrat to Zermat: This trail starts at 13,000 feet – you get there via train – so you’d better be in shape. Sure, it’s all downhill, but your quadriceps will be screaming by hike’s end.

Compiled by Sam McManis/