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The Exped Mountain Lite 20 Daypack, which cost $149, was picked best all-around pack by Backpacker magazine.
The Exped Mountain Lite 20 Daypack, which cost $149, was picked best all-around pack by Backpacker magazine.


▪ Exped Mountain Lite 20 Daypack


Backpacker magazine recently anointed the Exped 20 “best all around” among 2014 daypacks tested. It’s an old-school pack, a nylon top-loader with a foam (detachable) hip belt and two polyester side pockets that expand to hold water bottles or gear. Backpacker called it “armadillo tough.” It weighs 1 pound, 9 ounces.


▪ ‘Dressing up for Travel’ essay

Tired of sitting next to a guy on a long flight who’s wearing a bro tank and flip flops? So is J. Bryan Lowder, writing in Slate: “Among the cavalcade of pajama pants, tracksuits, nightgowns, painting rags, and ill-fitting sweatshirts that one encounters in the world’s terminals and stations these days, the competently dressed individual stands apart as a beacon of civilized life, an island of class amid a swamp of schlumps. By dressing myself as a decent human being who is aware that he is in public, I like to think I am performing a small act of resistance against the increasingly slobbish status quo.”


▪ ‘Top 10 Countries for Solo Female Travelers’

Women’s Adventure Magazine had writer Megan Hettwer scope out the safest countries for women to visit. We highlight the first five:

1. Ireland: “The locals are incredibly friendly, and a woman traveling on her own isn’t really seen as all that strange. It’s easy to head down to the local pub, grab a pint, and end the night with some newfound friends. If you’re a native English speaker, things are even easier.”

2. Costa Rica: “Costa Rica is a great place to get a taste of the region. As a country with no standing army, it tends to be a friendly place. ... The locals are warm and welcoming, and will help you find your way around if your Spanish is a bit lackluster.”

3. Australia: “Ease of communication for English speakers makes it a great option.”

4. Greece: “The men can be a little ‘macho’ here, but don’t let that deter you. Heck, you might not even experience any unsavory behavior from the fellows.”

5. Hungary: “With relatively cheap prices, more friendly locals, and heaps of history, it’s perfect for exploring solo.”


Anita Isalska (@lunarsynthesis): “I made it back from Sicily. Without any of my travel companions, or my phone, but at least I have limoncello. #travelfail”

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