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The Ruffwear “Swamp Cooler” dog vest costs $59.95
The Ruffwear “Swamp Cooler” dog vest costs $59.95 Ruffwear

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Ruffwear Dog Cooling Vest


We all know not to leave a dog in a car on a hot day, but pet owners might also need to take measures to keep Fido from overheating on blazing summer days on the trail or at the campsite. Dogs can’t sweat, of course, so one option (besides water, plenty of water), is a cooling vest. Dip the vest in cold water, wring it out, put it on your dog’s torso and let the “evaporative cooling effect” keep the body temperature from overheating.


Google Street View of El Capitan

If you aren’t impressed, awed and a little freaked out by this you-are-there Google street view of sheer faces of El Capitan, then you must not have a pulse. Tommy Caldwell, Lynn Hill and Sacramento-native Alex Honnold are your tour guides. Almost as impressive is how Google was able to capture the images, which is explained on the site.

The List

“Pro Tips for Surviving a Long Flight”

SmarterTravel correspondent Dara Continenza checks in:

1. Know your plane (“always check which seatback entertainment options” before booking)

2. Make up your space (“I like to think of my seat as my apartment for the next X hours and ‘decorate’ accordingly.)

3. Set a sleep schedule (“adjust your sleeping and eating schedules to match your destination”)

4. Bring backup entertainment (load up your laptop or iPhone)

5. Plan your meal times (around sleep times)

6. Pick the right seat (“Personally, I like the window because I want the pretty views”)

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