Provisions: Loud bicycle horn

The Loud Bicycle Horn, which sounds like a car horn, costs $102.
The Loud Bicycle Horn, which sounds like a car horn, costs $102.

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Loud Bicycle Horn


This product gets the truth-in-advertising award, if nothing else. It’s a loud bicycle horn, a freakin’-loud horn, 125 decibels. Sounds just like a car horn and is sure to get the attention of the texting-distracted driver drifting into the bike lane. It looks like a mini-boom box attached to your handlebars, and it’s unwieldiness might discourage hard-core road cyclists for whom every ounce of weight on the bike matters. But for bike commuters, it’s worth a listen.


Whisbar 200 Fork Mount Bike Carrier


Bike carriers for your car used to be pretty utilitarian: You just wanted something secure. Now, people apparently worry about aerodynamics and wind drag while they are driving, so the industry has responded with sleek, anodized aluminum roof carriers that they claim won’t hurt your gas mileage. The Whisbar 200 can carry road or mountain bikes up to 37.5 pounds and “cuts down on noise” while driving.


Niume’s “13 Small But Beautiful Countries”

Blogger George Hughes believes small is beautiful.

1. Maldives

2. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

3. Grenada

4. Marshall Islands

5. Liechtenstein

6. San Marino

7. Tuvalu

8. Nauru

9. Monaco

10. Barbados

11. Antigua and Barbuda

12. Palau

13. Vatican City

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