Provisions: Camp in style, then try the waffles

The Chef’s Choice Sportsman’s Classic Waffle Pro costs $49.99.
The Chef’s Choice Sportsman’s Classic Waffle Pro costs $49.99.


▪ EarthRoamer XV-LT


Winnebagos? Airstreams? Nah, when it comes to luxury camper and RV options, Earth Roamer stands alone, both in price and tricked-out luxury. Its camper is built around a Ford F-550, and the cab ranges from 22 to 27 feet long. It’s what’s inside that accounts for most of the high price tag. Try granite countertop, leather upholstery, hardwood cabinets and a king-sized bed. Oh, yeah, the cab is solar-powered, too. We‘d hate to see the gas mileage this vehicle gets. But then, if you have to ask ...


▪ Chef’s Choice Sportsman’s Classic Waffle Pro


If you buy that Earth Roamer, you’re going to want to have this item on your granite countertop. It’s a waffle maker that imprints your waffles in a deer-antler designs. You can only use it in a lodge or a camper. We’re waiting for the solar-powered waffle maker we can use in the back country.


▪ 9 tips on tipping while on vacation

The Huffington Post enlisted the help of etiquette expert Diane Gottsman to offer suggestions about when it’s appropriate to tip while on vacation.

1. Skycaps: $1-$2 per bag

2. Host(ess)/maitre d’: Not necessary, unless they score you a great table, then slip them $10 to $20

3. Flight attendants: Don’t tip

4. Taxi driver: 10 to 15 percent

5. Limo/town car driver: If a gratuity is not built in, tip 15-20 percent of the fare

6. Shuttle driver: $1 to $2 per person

7. Hotel doorman: Only if they perform a special service, such as carrying your bags ($2-$5)

9. Hotel valet: $2-$5 when picking up your car


▪ Dog vs. mountain biker race

Spoiler Alert: In this video, the dog, named Poppy, kicks butt on the mountain biker on some beautiful single-track downhill. Both contestants had portable cameras attached to their backs, so the footage makes you feel you’re right there with them.


Shirley Hornstein (@Shirls): “Note to self: German drivers license is NOT considered official identification for airport security. Dude, where’s my passport? #travelfail”

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