Provisions: Biaggi ZipSak Foldable Suitcase

The Biaggi ZipSak folds up to less than half its size when not in use.
The Biaggi ZipSak folds up to less than half its size when not in use.

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Biaggi ZipSak Foldable Suitcase

$158.99 - $249.99;

Where has this bag been all our lives? Actually, it’s been around for a while, but it’s new to us. A Nobel Prize of some sort should go to its designer, who applied origami-like skills when developing a foldable rollaway suitcase that transforms into a a much smaller carrying bag. When not is use, you can store it under your bed or on a shelf. It’s durable, too, with an aircraft-grade aluminum trolley and 360-degree spinner wheels.


“Best American Travel Writing 2015”


Yes, yes, we know, they actually picked that actor from “Sixteen Candles” (Andrew McCarthy) to select the year’s best travel essays. Stop scoffing. He picked some gems. Heavy literary hitters such as Lauren Groff, Peter Hessler, Gary Shteyngart, Paul Theroux and the hilarious Patricia Marx are included.

The List

“The 5 Things Most Likely to Kill You Down Under”

1. Blue-Ringed Octopus (“causes motor paralysis by blocking your nerve conduction”)

2. Box Jellyfish (“poison in their tentacles ... [makes] your respiratory system shut down within minutes”)

3. Great White Shark (“222 razor-sharp teeth”)

4. Eastern Brown Snake (“second most venomous snake in the world”)

5. Sydney Funnel-Web Spider (Bites cause “numbness of the mouth and lips, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty swallowing and breathing, severe muscle spasms, high blood pressure,” then death)

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