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The Hestra Ergo Grip Active ski glove costs $100 and is made of goat leather.
The Hestra Ergo Grip Active ski glove costs $100 and is made of goat leather. Hestra


▪ Hestra Ergo Grip Active ski gloves

For a long time, high-end ski glove manufacturers shunned leather for more high-tech material to provide warmth on the slopes. But Hestra gives skiers the best of both worlds: supple goat leather for the palms and fingers (pre-curved fingers, no less) and, on the back of the hand, a material it calls “breathable, windproof and waterproof” Gore Windstopper Breeze. The lining inside: brushed polyester.


▪ Run Gum

You see it all the time: Runners or cyclists or, really, any endurance athlete, chugging coffee like a fiend before a race – just to get that added kick. Sometimes, the effects are detrimental; either they get too jittery or they have stomach troubles. Olympic middle-distance runner Nick Symmonds and his coach now are marketing caffeine gum, 50 mg per piece. His website recommends chewing one piece before a race or hard workout, one after. Why not just drink coffee? “With coffee, there can be a big variation in how much caffeine you’re getting. A cup can vary by 100 mg,” Symmonds told Outside magazine.


▪ Rattlesnake Tale

Trail runners and hikers often discount the real threat rattlesnakes pose. They figure as long as they stay on main paths, they are OK. Ultrarunner Jenn Thompson penned a first-person story of a harrowing series of bites she sustained in Boulder, Colo., when a mountain biker in front of her clipped a snake, which sunk its fangs into Thompson’s shin. In minutes, it paralyzed her neurological system. It’s a chilling tale.


▪ 10 Most Luxurious London Travel Experiences

Travel writer Vicky Anscombe had the tough job of going all posh in the U.K. Here’s her list of London’s upper-crust experiences:

1. Shopping at Harrods

2. Picnic in Hyde Park

3. Stay at Claridge’s

4. See opera at the Royal Opera House

5. Enjoy a tipple at Kettner’s

6. Make time for a spa

7. Enjoy dinner with Heston Blumenthal

8. Leave the Tube for everyone else; take a limo

9. Shop till someone else drops, use personal shoppers at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges

10. Hire one of the London Eye’s pods for a chocolate-tasting tour


“The more I travel, the clearer it seems to me: Fear is for people who don’t get out much.”

Rick Steves in the Los Angeles Times

Compiled by Sam McManis,