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▪ CEP Progressive+ Merino Compression Socks


Even if you think compression socks make you look dorky while running, kind of like your dad mowing the lawn in black dress socks, there is something to be said for warmth for your all-important calves. The merino wool in this pair adds even more coziness. While studies differ on whether compression socks help performance, they do help in recovery, so wear them underneath jeans and no one will know your fashion faux pas.


▪ New Balance Glow Beacon Jacket


Speaking of dorky looks, nothing can match the derisive snickers you’ll get wearing one of those dorky orange reflective safety vests when running at night. You look like a school crossing guard. New Balance has marketed a bright yellowish-green jacket that glows when it catches the light of oncoming cars and sends zebra-like stripes on your arms and back with its glow-in-the-dark technology.


▪ America’s Most and Least Attractive Cities (for people)

Don’t blame me; I’m just passing this along. Blame Travel+Leisure magazine:

Most Attractive

1. Miami

2. San Diego

3. Charleston, S.C.

4. Los Angeles

5. Providence, R.I.

Least Attractive

1. Detroit

2. (tie) Memphis

2. Oklahoma City

4. Baltimore

5. Philadelphia


▪  FamilyFun & AAA Holiday Road Trips booklet

free; download at

Here’s a handy guide for games to play and ways to distract the little ones on those long car rides over the holidays. It’s needed because, as AAA stated in a press release, “Almost half (44 percent) of kids surveyed said sitting still in a car for long trips is the worst part of the trip.” Really? Hate to be the other 56 percent, who must have really lousy vacations.


New York Times reporter Jess Silver Greenberg (@jbsgreenberg): “No. of hours the woman next to me on the plane spent doing her makeup: 1.5. No. of selfies taken so far: 26. No. selfies /hour: 5”

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