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The yoga mat designed to look like a burrito sells for $35.
The yoga mat designed to look like a burrito sells for $35.


▪ Burrito Yoga Mat Bag

As novelty items go, this one’s a doozy. It looks like the “Attack of the Killer Chipotle Burrito,” but it’s actually a 28-inch bag for your Yoga mat. The company “Brogamats” is marketing it primarily for men (slogan: “Yoga for dudes. And women too.”) but what woman yoga practitioner wouldn’t want to be walking down the street carrying a large burrito at her side? There’s an exterior pocket, too, to carry keys, smartphone or, well, a burrito.


▪ PR Wind Pants

Runners or hikers or, heck, even nimble birders who shun snug-fitting tights should seek out this pair of flexible, loose-fit exercise pants that keep out that cutting winter chill. This model has zippered pockets on the sides and zippers near the ankles for easy slipping on and off. Its piping is reflective, too.


▪ Adventure Journal’s Greenland and Iceland Video

OK, so it may be a little cold right now to think of a trip to Greenland and Iceland, but this video will have you booking passage quicker than you can spell “fjord.”


▪ 5 Best Free Attractions in the U.S.

The travel experts at A Luxury Travel Blog can afford luxurious travel by scoping out free places to visit:

1. Smithsonian museums, Washington D.C.

2. Staten Island Ferry, New York

3. Freedom Trail, Boston

4. Cable Car Museum, San Francisco

5. Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago


“Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” – Paul Theroux

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