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The Remind Solutions insoles for snowboard boots cost $85.
The Remind Solutions insoles for snowboard boots cost $85.

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Remind Solution Snowboard Boot Liners


Why buy a new pair of snowboard boots when you can feel as if you have new ones by replacing the liners? Remind Solution has marketed a snug-fitting liner with four-layer construction that weighs in at just over 10 ounces. They may outlast the boots themselves.




Backpackers love the notion of multiuse gear – less to carry, of course. How about this for a two-in-one gizmo: water bottle-slash-lantern? The Lightcap is a solar-powered top that fits most of the common water bottles (Nalgene, Camelbak). On top of the cap is a solar panel; on the bottom four LED lights that make the whole bottle glow when fully charged.

The List

The 10 most Googled travel questions of 2015

Yeah, we know it’s 2016 now. But people probably will be Googling the same type of stuff this year as well, according to Conde Nast Traveler:

10. What to pack for Cancún?

9. Where is Disneyland?

8. What airport is ORD?

7. When is whale-watching season in San Diego?

6. What is a boutique hotel?

5. What to do in St. Louis?

4. What to do in Missoula, MT?

3. What to do in Louisiana?

2. What to do in Albuquerque?

1. Where is Yellowstone National Park?

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