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The SmartTravel Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest costs $24.99.
The SmartTravel Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest costs $24.99.

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SmartTravel Portable Footrest Flight Carry-on Foot Rest


Dude next to me on a recent flight whipped out one of these pouchlike foot rests that he proceeded to attach to the tray table and then stretch his legs into like it was a sling. At first, I mocked him (silently). Then I envied him. He looked so comfortable. The portable foot rests fold up in your bag. When unfurled, it’s 7.5-by-16.5 inches. Caveat: Not for people who weigh more than 250 pounds.


Outside Magazine’s Emergency Winter Car Kit

Just because we live in a milder clime doesn’t mean we don’t have to prepare for winter weather, especially if we venture into the mountains. These tips for building your own emergency car kit from Outside magazine could save your life – or make your trip go smoother. My credo: Never go on a road trip without a phone charger for the car.

The List

Best and Worst U.S. Airports

J.D. Power has released its 2015 North America Airport Satisfaction Study. Here is the ranking:


1. Portland (Ore.) International Airport

2.Tampa International Airport

3. McCarran (Las Vegas) International Airport

4. Orlando International Airport

5. Salt Lake City International Airport

6. Denver International Airport

7. San Diego International Airport


1. Newark Liberty International Airport

2. LaGuardia (NYC) Airport

3. Los Angeles International Airport

4. O’Hare (Chicago) International Airport

5. Philadelphia International Airport

6. Logan (Boston) International Airport

7. JFK (NYC) International Airport

Compiled by Sam McManis