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Top 10 Rome Eyewitness Travel
Top 10 Rome Eyewitness Travel

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Eyewitness Travel Top 10 Pocket Guides

$14; Penguin Random House;

These pocket travel guides really do fit in your back pocket – even if you’re wearing skinny jeans. (We employed reliable, independent hipsters to test it.) In any event, the publisher has stuffed a lot of information into quarter-inch-thick books featuring popular travel destinations – London, Barcelona, Berlin, Iceland, Rome, New York City, etc. It features a foldout map and a sleeve with a full-size map along with color glossy pages. We checked out the San Francisco guide, since we know that city best, and the guide hit all the high points and some lesser-known locales.


Matador Droplet Wet Bag


Never too early to think about beach season, right? Here is a handy waterproof bag that, literally, fits in the palm of your hand. It can even attach to your key chain. When unfurled, the bag can hold your wet swimsuit (or soaked running T-shirt). You also can use it as a traditional dry bag on, say, kayak trips.

The List

World’s Most Adorable Animals (And Where to Find Them)

The website SmarterTravel shows you where the world’s cutest critters reside, so you can commune with them. (Oddly, grizzlies in Yellowstone didn’t make the list.)

1. Arctic foxes (Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Russia, Norway and Iceland)

2. Little (13-inch) penguins (coast of southern Australia and New Zealand)

3. Black-footed cats (Botswana, Namibia, South Africa)

4. Fennec foxes (Sahara of North Africa)

5. Amazon river dolphin (Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela)

6. Quokka (Australia)

7. Margay (rain forests from Mexico to Brazil)

8. Dingo (Australia)

9. Red panda (throughout Asia)

10. Slow Loris (Southeast Asia)

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