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The Buff National Parks Collection costs $25.
The Buff National Parks Collection costs $25. Buff


Buff’s National Parks Collection


Seems as if everybody’s getting in on the National Parks Service centennial. Buff, the “versatile” headwear (beanie, balaclava, head band) has issued six new styles imprinted with images of national parks: Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Great Smokey Mountains, Rocky Mountains. Might be a nice keepsake, as well as an item to keep you warm.


Nathan Vapor Air Hydration Pack


The problem with earlier versions of the Nathan running hydration packs is that they were heavy and bulky, even without the 2 liters of water. This new version, the Air (Airess, for women) addresses those concerns. It’s 9 ounces (sans water), has a series of chest straps that cut down on jostling and more zippered storage pockets, including a plastic-lined one to put your discarded trash.

The List

“Top 5 foodie cities in Europe”

1. San Sebastian, Spain

2. Paris

3. London

4. Bordeaux

5. Bologna

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