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The Genius Pack 22-inch Spinner Carry-On Bag retails for $258.
The Genius Pack 22-inch Spinner Carry-On Bag retails for $258. Genius Pack

A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience


Genius Pack 22-Inch Carry-On Spinner Bag


If you’re anything like me – and I certainly hope you are not – you always seem to have the wheels on your carry-on bags malfunction while rushing through airport terminals. This bag promises to solve that problem with a “wheel-base” that moves any direction you do. Here’s another plus to this piece of luggage: It has “Laundry Compression Technology,” which scrunches up your soiled laundry by “expelling unwanted air through an air-valve.”


Lonely Planet’s “Better Than Fiction 2”


Four years ago, the travel site Lonely Planet published a “dead tree” anthology of travel writing by fiction writers. Now comes the sequel, and some heavy literary hitters are on board: Jane Smiley, Dave Eggers, Karen Joy Fowler, Alexander McCall Smith, and the criminally underrated Francine Prose. Well worth the purchase.

The List

“10 of America’s Hippie Hideouts”

Note that Berkeley failed to make this list:

1. Arcata

2. Eureka Springs, Arkansas

3. Missoula, Montana

4. Bisbee, Arizona

5. Ithaca, New York

6. Burlington, Vermont

7. Berea, Kentucky

8. Boulder, Colorado

9. Eugene, Oregon

10. Asheville, North Carolina

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