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The Salewa Mountain Trainer L hiking shoes retail for $199.
The Salewa Mountain Trainer L hiking shoes retail for $199. Salewa

A guide for what you need to buy, read or consume to enhance your recreation and travel experience


Montane Grand Tour 50 Women’s Backpack


Many women backpackers complain – justifiably – that many backpacks don’t fit their curves. The English outdoors company Montane has tried to address it with the Grand Tour 50, which is reasonably lightweight (2.68 pounds) but substantial enough for a week-long mountain trek. The women’s version features a smaller torso and narrower shoulder straps.


Salewa Mountain Trainer L Shoes


Sometimes, a hiking boot is too much and trail-running shoes too little. What to do? The show manufacturer Salewa has bridged the gap with a boot/shoe hybrid. At $199, it’s pricy, but it features a leather upper (inside and out) and rugged but not overpowering tread on the soles.

The List

“Chicago’s Top 10 Peculiar Museums”

Intrepid Lonely Planet staff writer Karla Zimmerman sussed out weirdness in Chicago:

1. International Museum of Surgical Science

2. American Toby Jug Museum

3. Busy Beaver Button Museum

4. Leather Archives and Museum

5. Money Museum

6. Logan Hardware Vintage Arcade Museum

7. Newberry Library (example: first folios of Shakespeare)

8. Oriental Institute

9. Chicago Sports Museum

10. National Museum of Mexican Art

Compiled by Sam McManis