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The Patagonia Nano Air Hoodie costs $300.
The Patagonia Nano Air Hoodie costs $300. Patagonia


▪ Patagonia Nano Air Hoodie


Mid-layers are always tricky. They can be either too bulky (puffy shells) or too flimsy (fleece). Patagonia addresses that problem with the Nano Air Hoodie, which combines a nylon, water-repellent shell with a 2-ounce nylon weave lining and 60 grams of polyester insulation, along with a stretch hoodie, that the company claims is versatile, breathable and, in all but extreme conditions, can be worn in all weather.


▪ Outside Magazine’s ‘Cold-Weather Surfing with Chris Burkard’

Brr. You think those cold mornings along the American River Parkway are “brutal.” Try surfing in Iceland, Norway and Russia with nature photographer Chris Burkard. These photos will make you shiver and, perversely, also make you kind of want to try it.


▪ ‘Trail Ethics’ Essay

Tahoe trail runner and adventurer Gretchen Brugman pens a thought-provoking essay about how to treat the environment as well as behavioral issues with other trail users. She takes to task those who fail to get a (free) permit to use the Desolation Wilderness and gives the do’s and don’ts of poops in the wilderness (Don’t bury or burn toilet paper; pack it out in a plastic bag). She also condemns straying off the trails, “things like cutting switchbacks,” which “causes erosion and ruins the trails. Have you ever been running along and the trail suddenly gets super wet and muddy? Then, you jump off the trail to run alongside it because the ground is a bit drier there. Pretty soon, after every other runner and hiker does that, there are two trails. Sometimes more.”


▪ USA Today’s ‘10 Most Scenic National Parks’

Out of the 59 national parks, USA Today looks at 10.

1. Yosemite

2. Kenai Fjords (south of Anchorage)

3. Grand Teton (northwestern Wyoming)

4. Hawaii Volcanoes (Big Island)

5. Arches (eastern Utah)

6. Virgin Islands

7. Acadia (southern coast of Maine)

8. Grand Canyon (Arizona)

9. Great Smoky Mountains (North Carolina-Tennessee border)

10. Great Sand Dunes (Colorado)


New Yorker writer Susan Orlean (@susanorlean): “Really, Air Canada? Hold time to speak to an agent is ‘between fifty-six minutes and one hour and eleven minutes’???”

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