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Rejuvahealth sells compression socks that are fashionable and reasonably priced at $39.95.
Rejuvahealth sells compression socks that are fashionable and reasonably priced at $39.95.


▪ “Fashionable” Compression Socks


At last, you don’t have to look like your grandpa mowing the lawn in his knee-high black socks and Bermuda shorts – or your granny playing canasta in support hose. An accessory retailer, Rejuvahealth, is selling compression wear with flair, with styles such as argyle, in knee-high, leggings and pantyhose.


▪ Nemo Cosmo Insulated 25L Pad


Few things are worse for a camper than a flimsy, cold-as-a-snow-drift pad to curl up with after a hard day on the trail. Nemo gives you a cushy, above-the-ground feel in a pad that is easy to stow and weighs 2 pounds, 4 ounces. An integrated foot pump makes inflation easy (or so they say).


▪ “Humble Ascetic Declines In-Flight Beverage Service”

Those satirical wags at The Onion poke fun at the stern-faced traveler who declines the peanuts and cola the airlines provide for free (well, sometimes). Excerpt: “Sources confirmed that the great guru of discipline and abstinence then engaged in 70 minutes of self-mortification by resting his head against the cold window without asking for one of the airline’s free pillows.”


▪ “8 of the Finest Clothing-Optional Hot Springs in Nevada”

Writer Kristen Bor dons her reporter’s fedora but doffs the rest of her clothes to report on Nevada’s hot pastime:

1. Trego Hot Springs (Black Rock Desert)

2. Twelve-Mile Hot Springs (Wells)

3. Fish Lake Valley Hot Springs (Silver Peak Mountains)

4. Arizona Hot Spring (Lake Mead National Recreation Area)

5. Gold Strike Hot Springs (Lake Mead National Recreation Area)

6. Spencer Hot Springs (Southeast of Austin)

7. Alkali Hot Springs (North of Goldfield)

8. Ruby Valley Hot Springs (Ruby Wildlife Refuge, Elko)


Bill Fink (@finktravels): “Advice for non-skier at ski resort. Fake injury: wrap leg in bandage, sit in bar, hope for sympathy & free drinks.”

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