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The Jet Boil MiniMo Cooking System costs $129.95.
The Jet Boil MiniMo Cooking System costs $129.95.


▪ Jet Boil MiniMo Cooking System


I’m no chef, indoors or outdoors. So I had no idea that, while camping, it was difficult to cook food at a simmer. Heck, I can barely boil water for coffee. But according to the website The Gearcaster, the new MiniMo stove from Jet Boil solves the simmer dilemma. It’s done, apparently, by redesigning the stove’s valve and regulator. Also, the 1-liter cup is wider than before, making stirring less of a chore.


▪ “Chronicles of Old Los Angeles,” by James Roman

$19.95; Museyon Guides, 304 pages

There have been a lot of books cataloging strange stories about Los Angeles, but many do not provide maps, directions and walking tours so readers can relive the notorious days of yore. You can haunt Mickey Choen’s “Sunset Strip” in West Hollywood, learn and visit the site of the Chinese Tong War in 1871, wallow in the mystery that is “preacher” Aimee Semple McPherson in Venice, and walk in the sandy steps of the Beach Boys in the South Bay.


▪ Outside Magazine’s “Most Dangerous Hikes”

A few months ago, we featured Backpacker magazine’s “most dangerous hikes,” so it’s only fair we let Outside magazine have its turn. Here are the top 10:

1. Huayna Picchu, Peru

2. The Maze, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

3. Mount Hua Shan, China

4. Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea

5. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

6. Cascade Saddle, New Zealand

7. Aonach Eagach Ridge, Scotland

8. Kalalau, Hawaii

9. El Caminito del Rey, Spain

10. Maroon Bells South Ridge, Colorado


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