State Fair

Drones out, fireworks back in for first weekend of California State Fair – but they’ll be back

This year’s California State Fair was to feature a futuristic drone lights show rather than the traditional fireworks. But the exciting departure has been postponed, a state fair spokeswoman said.

Great Lakes Drone Co., which has previously put on drone shows at state fairs in New York and Michigan, encountered software issues that have hampered the drones’ flight for the fair’s opening weekend, she said.

Those who were looking forward to the show – touted as more environmentally-friendly and less triggering than fireworks, which carry a fire safety hazard and can be re-traumatizing for veterans with PTSD – needn’t worry, however. According to fair officials, the software issues have been resolved and the show will return for the remaining weekends of the state fair.

As for the first weekend, the state fair will bring back traditional fireworks, according to KCRA. The delay may have given fairgoers the best of both worlds.

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