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Consume: Our favorite food stuff this week

Order the dolsat bibimbap at Ramen and Rice.
Order the dolsat bibimbap at Ramen and Rice.


▪ Black & Decker Glass Bowl Chopper

$39.99; multiple retail outlets;

An alternative to a traditional food processor, this chopper comes with two 4-cup glass bowls that can go in the microwave, freezer or oven. The blade is easy to remove for cleaning, the controls are comfortably placed, and the design results in food that’s chopped in short order. Bowls come with airtight lids. Black & Decker says the chopper can be used with any comparably sized bowl.


▪ Donsuemor French Almond Cakes

$8.22 for 19.4 ounces: Costco;

Celebrate the new Chinese Year of the Sheep with these traditional individually wrapped French tea cakes from the Bay Area, packaged especially for the holiday. Rich, super-moist and crispy at the edges, they’re irresistible – and only available for a short time.


▪ California Wine Wafer

$7.99 for eight wafers: Corti Bros.;

Feast readers know these thin, salad-plate size wafers from Sacramento Cookie Factory are a pleasure to look at with their intricately pressed designs. But their soft crunch and mildly sweet flavor (in varieties such as lemon vanilla and mocha hazelnut) also make them a sophisticated and different accompaniment to an evening glass of wine.


▪ Pacific Foods of Oregon Bone Broth

$1.99 for 8 ounces; Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op;

Pacific Foods of Oregon makes its savory organic broths by slowly simmering chicken or turkey bones with herbs and other seasonings. The resulting broth – the company has produces it in several chicken and turkey flavors – can be sipped as a protein-rich (9 grams) warm drink, substituted for other liquids in cooking, or used as the base for a quick cup of soup.


▪ Dolsat bibimbap at Ramen and Rice

$9.95 (plus $2 for whole grain rice); Ramen and Rice (807 Howe Ave., Sacramento); (916) 922-6227

Most cultures that use rice as a staple have a dish that capitalizes on the deliciousness of the crispy rice layer at the bottom of the pot. The Spanish have their paella, the Iranians have tah dig, and Koreans have bibimbap. At Ramen and Rice, order the dolsat bibimbap with whole grain rice. Puncture the raw egg yolk on top as soon as the dish arrives. Add copious amounts of chili paste and enjoy the julienned mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, and tofu – no meat necessary. Don’t stir the dish too much, and you’ll be rewarded with a crunchy treat.

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