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Get ready to say goodbye to McDonald’s popular Hi-C Orange Lavaburst


Are of a fan of McDonald’s Hi-C Orange Lavaburst? Better hurry.

The fast food chain plans to start phasing out the drink May 1 in favor of a new drink formulated by Coca-Cola to be called Sprite TropicBerry, according an internal memo posted on The company intends to remove Hi-C Orange Lavaburst from all locations by July, though some may run out of ingredients sooner, reports food blog EatThisNotThat.

Fans of the drink – and some McDonald’s employees – are not pleased by the news. “It’s gonna be a fun few weeks up ahead. Hi-C is one of the more popular drinks at my location,” one posted to Reddit.

Other reactions online were more, well, searing.

The new Sprite TropicBerry drink, described in the memo as a “proprietary” drink, will be available exclusively at McDonald’s.

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