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Consume: Our favorite food products this week

Snappers new flavor combo is a hit with our tasting panel.
Snappers new flavor combo is a hit with our tasting panel.


Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Snappers

$5 for a 6-ounce bag; Costco and select retailers;

Count us as fans of the new flavor of Snappers, a cookie-confection from Edward Marc Chocolatiers. The family-owned company has combined milk chocolate, peanut butter and pretzels for a snack that lives up to its “crunchy and salty and sweet” billing. Snappers come in three other flavors: Original Pretzel, Peanut Pretzel and Dark Chocolate-Sea Salt-Caramel.


Hush Puppies

$8; South (2005 11th St., Sacramento);

The Southside Park restaurant is known for its fried chicken, but have you tried its hush puppies? If not, you should. “South’s hush puppy features a crisp-fried outer layer – savory and redolent of onion,” writes Bee food critic Carla Meyer. “(Its) lightly salted, cake-like interior enhances a sense of having a treat ... . The dish comes with a green-tomato jam that is not vital to its enjoyment but is worth a dip.”


Seafood pan roast

$17; John’s Oyster Bar (1100 Nugget Ave., Sparks, Nev.);

The pan roast – a cross between a bisque and a seafood stew – has long been a staple at the legendary oyster bar at Grand Central Station in New York City. John’s Oyster Bar at the Nugget casino does a fantastic rendition. The fragrant lobster pan roast (other options include oysters, shrimp and crab) was chunky with pieces of succulent Maine lobster. We accentuated it with old-fashioned oyster crackers and dashes of Tabasco sauce.


Olympia Provisions Summer Sausage

$10; Taylor’s Market;

This red-wrapped sausage from Oregon-based cult charcuterie Olympia Provisions is unlike most others, with a soft, rich flavor and a grind so smooth it has a pâté-like quality. Slice it up and eat it straight or serve with crackers as an appetizer.


MMMighty strawberry + red beet smoothie drink

$4.99 for a four-pack; Target and other retailers;

Sneak some veggies into your kid’s lunchbox with these juice boxes from Ella’s Kitchen that have no added sugar – just simple organic ingredients. They’re not as sweet as regular fruit-juice boxes, but little ones still will find them satisfying.

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