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Consume: Our favorite food products this week

Oak Park Brewing Company’s Irish fries come with rabbit gravy.
Oak Park Brewing Company’s Irish fries come with rabbit gravy.


Irish fries

$8; Oak Park Brewing Company (3514 Broadway, Sacramento);

Oak Park Brewing Company has an adventurous take on pub grub, says Bee restaurant critic Carla Meyer. Consider its Irish fries with rabbit gravy. “The rabbit, braised in the brewery’s Lily White beer for six hours, is unusually tender. The creamy-salty dish as a whole evokes turkey (that’s right – not chicken) á la king. It’s pure comfort food ... .”


Chipotle Margarita

$4.70 or $7.15; select Chipotle restaurants;

Wait? What? Chipotle serves hand-mixed premium margaritas? They’ve done so for years? Who knew? The more-than-decent cocktail at the fast-casual chain is made with fresh lime and a choice of Patron or Sauza tequila.


Harvest wine

$8.90 per glass; Seasons 52 (1689 Arden Way, No. 1065, Sacramento);

Seasons 52 at Arden Fair is offering its version of “Harvest wine,” a richly aromatic, fruity, sweet and spritzy sauvignon blanc by Mauritson Wines of Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley. Evocative of nectarine, pineapple and apple, the partially fermented beverage’s hazy look comes from suspended yeast cells.


Atry Smoked Basmati Rice

$3.99 for a 16-ounce bag; Corti Brothers;

This beechwood-smoked basmati rice, imported from Germany, is a worthy addition to your shopping cart. Its subtle earthiness elevates a simple side dish to an elegant treat that will have you wishing it came in a bigger bag.


Cucina & Amore Quinoa Meal

$19.17 for six 7.9-ounce containers; Walmart and other retailers;

These to-go meals feature cooked quinoa and a separate container of sauce, such as a spicy jalapeño and roasted peppers or basil pesto. They’re great for healthy lunches or snacks – just pop it in the microwave for a high-fiber, low-fuss dish.

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