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Consume: Our favorite food products this week

“Cooking up Memories”
“Cooking up Memories” Courtesy of publisher


‘Cooking up Memories: From You To Me’

$18;150 pages;

Most home cooks have a few favorite cookbooks, and many of them dream about publishing their own. They can, sort of, with “Cooking Up Memories.” This old-school-is-new-school write-it-in cooking journal allows the home cook to chronicle his or her own story and pass on recipes, tips and food-related family history to the next generation.


Bertolli Olive Oil Spray

$3.19 for a 5-ounce bottle; Target, Raley’s and other retailers;

The difference is in the nozzle. Spray oils are nothing new, but this version boasts an oil-only delivery system (no propellants, chemicals or emulsifiers added in) that gives a clean, robust flavor in a fine mist.


Godiva mousse meringues and sables

Various prices;

There’s chocolate and then there’s chocolate. Two new treats from Godiva are in the second category. Belgian chocolate meets mousse and crispy meringue in its limited-edition Mousse Meringues. Flavors includes chocolate, strawberry, coffee, lemon, mandarin-almond and hazelnut-praline ($25 and $40 per box). Godiva’s Sables are shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate and come in three flavors – “ultimate” chocolate, almond and pecan-chocolate chip ($7.50 to $24). Get them at the Godiva stores at the Galleria in Roseville (1151 Galleria Blvd.) and Arden Fair Mall (1689 Arden Way #1167).


Biena Chickpea Snacks

$2.79 for a 2-ounce bag; Nugget;

Light and crunchy, this simple snack is a tasty afternoon pick-me-up without the guilt. Just roasted chickpeas with a bit of oil (not greasy, though) and salt; they pack 12 grams of protein into every bag.


Sir Kensington’s Mayonnaise

$6.99 for a 10-ounce container; Nugget and other retailers;

With a rich flavor that’s simultaneously lemony and light (with a touch of mustard flour for depth), this fancy mayo lives up to its “divine alternative” tagline – add in 33 percent less fat and you’re hard-pressed to pick up the Best Food’s instead.

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