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Consume: Our favorite food products this week

Nido by Magpie breakfast sandwich
Nido by Magpie breakfast sandwich


BN Turkey

$5.49 per pound; Taylor’s Market (2900 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento);

If Thanksgiving has inspired you to eat more turkey, we recommend these meaty heritage birds raised in Bolinas by the godfather of sustainable and ethically treated meat, Bill Niman. They aren’t cheap, but they’re naturally tasty, and had a nice life before arriving at your table.


Nido by Magpie breakfast sandwich

$3.75 each; Nido Bakery Cafe (1409 R St., Sacramento);

This small-but-filling breakfast sandwich from Magpie’s newest offshoot starts with egg and cheese, then tops it off with portobello mushroom, sausage or crispy bacon, all in a biscuit so tender and crumbly it would be a delight on its own.


John Kelly Chocolates truffle fudge bars

$16.50 for 8 ounce bar;

Perfect for stuffing high-end stockings or gifts for special teachers, these super-premium fudge bars – with their silky chocolate centers – are artisan-crafted and have a rabid following in Los Angeles, where the company is headquartered. Decadent enough to slice and share.


Alloy Wine Works Grenache Rosé

$7.99 for a 500-ml. can; Nugget Markets;

What happens when you think out of the (wine) box? Yep, wine in a can. Pop the top and be pleasantly surprised by a light, not-too-sweet rosé that’s ideal for camping, beach jaunts or even the dinner table.


Taylor’s house-made head cheese

$12.99 per pound; Taylor’s Market;

Don’t let the head cheese thing put you off. This addictive concoction is a tasty mix of rich pork, cherries and pine nuts. Spread it on bread or crackers for a satisfying winter appetizer.

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