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Consume: Our favorite food products this week




Mitchell Beazley, $20, 224 pages

Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley, who curate the World’s Best Spirits website, demonstrate their expertise in “Distilled.” This comprehensive guide to “the best-crafted and most interesting” spirits they’ve encountered serves as an introduction to spirits in general, a handy tool in this age of artisan cocktails.



$13; Salt Sushi, 2121 Golden Centre Lane Suite 70, Gold River;

This restaurant’s version of the classic Japanese dish tonkatsu – a panko-breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet – is crispy, light and non-oily. Its texture and flavor are complemented by a complex dipping sauce whose ingredients include apple, tomato, vinegar and soy sauce.


Divino Handcrafted Gelato Filled Fruit

$2.99 each 3-ounce serving; Nugget, Whole Foods and other retailers;

These individual desserts are almost too pretty to eat. Each one is a perfectly-ripe fruit (think peaches, plums or kiwis) hollowed out and filled with sorbetto or gelato, as decadent as the Italian coast they come from.


Cock ’n Bull Bitter Orange with Quinine

$6.99 for four bottles; Nugget and other retailers;

“Game of Thrones” can have the cold. In Sacramento, summer is coming and this lightly sweet, slightly bitter mixer may become your favorite poolside companion.


Simply Delish Natural Jel Dessert

$2.69 for 1.6-ounce container; Nugget and other retailers;

A Jell-O alternative without the gelatin, this Canadian import will keep the kids happy. With no added sugar (xylitol makes it sweet), it’s also light on calories.

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