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Consume: Our favorite food stuff this week

Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Dark Chocolate Bar
Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Dark Chocolate Bar Bee staff


▪ Selland’s bánh mì

$8.95; Selland’s Market-Cafe;

We were in El Dorado Hills the other day, hungry for lunch. Inside Selland’s Market-Cafe (4370 Town Center Blvd.), we spotted a bánh mì sandwich on the menu. We expected the typical small sandwich on an individual baguette, as we’ve had so many times in Vietnamese restaurants along Stockton Boulevard. Instead, we were surprised by a two-fisted monstrosity packed with seasoned roast pork, pickled sticks of carrot and daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeño pepper and Sriracha mayo on a perfect roll. The crunch and heat were texturally complemented by the tender pork and the soft roll. Available at the East Sacramento location as well.


▪ belVita Bites

$3.70 for five-pack box; available at local retailers;

From the folks at Nabisco comes something new for consumers who are time-stressed (isn’t everyone?), in need of an energy boost (sound familiar?) and want to get more fiber into their diets (a plus, right?). belVita Bites are crunchy little cookies with “230 calories, 20 grams of whole grain and 4 grams of fiber” in each 50-gram serving (1.76 ounces). Where does the energy boost come from? “The biscuits contain slow-release carbs from wholesome grains to help fuel the body for four hours,” the company says. We liked the chocolate flavor (not too sweet) better than the sweet mixed berry.


▪ Valley Lahvosh Baking Co. Stars Crackerbread

$3.49 for 4.5-ounce package; available at local retailers including Sprouts;

Whether it’s with kids or cocktails, these cute, star-shaped crackers (made in Fresno) add a bit of fun to snack time with their simple, crispy crunch. Try them with the Yogidips. You won’t be disappointed.


▪ Yogidip Greek Yogurt Dip

$4.99 for 11-ounce container; available at local retailers including Sprouts;

So thick it sticks to a spoon, and filled with flavor (garden vegetable, jalapeño cheddar and ranch), these Southern-California-made dips are a healthy replacement for mayo-based ones – and they pack a tasty wallop of probiotics.


▪ Wild Ophelia Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips Dark Chocolate Bar

$4.99 for 2-ounce bar; available at local retailers including Raley’s;

These out-of-the-ordinary chocolate bars from Wild Ophelia (the more affordable brand from Vosges Haut-Chocolat founder Katrina Markoff) tease your taste buds by mixing unusual combos like BBQ potato chips, beef jerky and hibiscus/peach with rich, high-quality chocolate – with all the added ingredients sourced from American family farms.

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