A popular beer patio is closing earlier to reduce noise. Is that enough to satisfy neighbors?

Golden Road Brewing is closing earlier to satisfy L Street Lofts residents annoyed by revelers next door, but the brewpub’s headaches don’t seem to have dissipated yet.

Golden Road’s midtown taproom violated the city’s noise ordinance on numerous occasions, based on a study whose findings have yet to be made public, Vice Mayor Steve Hansen said. The city commissioned the review after gripes from the business’ residential neighbors.

Golden Road reeled in its closing times from 2 a.m. to midnight Thursday-Saturday and midnight to 10 p.m. Sunday-Wednesday after learning of the findings but will likely face additional penalties from the city’s code enforcement division, Hansen said.

“We’ll be working with Golden Road to bring them into compliance,” he said. “They’ve voluntarily limited their hours, but we’ll also be asking for other things so that this problem no longer continues to affect their neighbors.”

Craft brewers’ objections over Golden Road’s corporate ownership haven’t stopped customers from flocking to the open-air bar made from repurposed shipping containers at 19th and L streets. Neighbors in the high-dollar condominiums at 1818 L St. complained they couldn’t sleep through the noise at night, prompting Hansen’s office to broker a meeting between city code enforcement officials, residents, California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control representatives and Golden Road managers.

Golden Road director of restaurant operations Adam Levoe previously said the brewpub would work with its neighbors to ease friction. In a statement Thursday, Levoe said dialogue remained ongoing.

“Golden Road is dedicated to each and every community we call home. This same spirit holds true for our Sacramento team and their commitment to our local midtown neighborhood,” Levoe said. “We are grateful for the continued conversation as we enact resolutions to mitigate the noise our neighbors have brought to our attention.”

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Golden Road, which brews at two Southern California sites, may face additional repercussions from the ABC for violating the terms of its Type 01 beer manufacturing license. The company needed to begin producing beer in Sacramento by May 24, a week-and-a-half after it opened, under the terms of its license.

It hadn’t done so as of the start of August.

ABC spokesman John Carr said in a statement no one had reported Golden Road for not brewing beer in Sacramento. He would not say whether the agency is investigating.

“No accusation has been filed for such a violation at this time and ABC does not comment if an investigation is pending,” Carr said. “An ABC Type 01 is a manufacturing license and any 01 licensee should be manufacturing beer.”

Noise doesn’t pierce L Street Lofts residents’ bedrooms as late anymore but remains a problem during Golden Road’s open hours, homeowner association President Mike Cook said.

Possible solutions include moving Golden Road’s speakers to ground level or draping a tarp over the game area, Cook said. Golden Road’s ABC license application passed through the Sacramento Police Department without supplemental conditions being added in January 2017.

Police spokesman Sgt. Vance Chandler said the sergeant responsible for reviewing applications for potential community impacts later realized Golden Road’s “should have gotten more attention.”

“The city is really just trying to cover their butts because they know they really, really made some major mistakes by not putting any conditions on them,” Cook said. “We don’t have a problem with Golden Road. They’re just operating within the conditions that the city and ABC put on them, which in this case happens to be no conditions.”

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