The Mailbox: Readers get a sandwich, seek desserts

By Teri Mena

On an Italian dessert quest

I am looking for a dessert recipe that has an Italian name. Panettone glaze is the English name, I don’t know what the middle word is. It’s made with cranberry curd, whipped cream and eggs among other ingredients. It was very simple and very delicious. I hope someone can help me. Thank you.

Donna Day, Grass Valley

Seeking a blood orange cake recipe

I am looking for a recipe for a cake made with blood oranges. I’ve found a few recipes that call for regular oranges but they require an orange cake mix. Thank you.

Norma Horrell, Roseville



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Caprese sandwich

Prep time: 30 minutes

Serves 4

CeCe Tedford of Peoria, Ill., was visiting her sister Fran Rider of Carmichael recently. They drove to Pacific Grove and enjoyed a great meal at the restaurant Red House. Tedford ordered an open-face tomato and mozzarella cheese sandwich that included a tasty dressing. She was hoping for their recipe.

This recipe comes from the July 2012 issue of Sunset magazine and may be a close match for Tedford.


4 ciabatta rolls (4 ounces each), split and toasted

2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

1 pound water-packed mozzarella, sliced

3 large, ripe heirloom tomatoes, sliced

Coarse sea salt and pepper

Leaves from 1/2 bunch fresh basil


Brush the cut sides of rolls with oil. Lay cheese on bottoms of rolls, top with tomato slices, then sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Lay basil leaves over tomatoes. Put tops on sandwiches and cut them in half if you like.

Per serving: 630 cal.; 26 g pro.; 65 g carb.; 28 g fat (13 g sat.); 60 mg chol.; 899 mg sod.; 3.7 g fiber; 40% calories from fat.