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Naturally-leavened bread with rave reviews coming to Oak Park’s Broadway Triangle

Faria will open in early summer 2019, owner Christopher Beattie said.
Faria will open in early summer 2019, owner Christopher Beattie said. Faria Bakery

Faria Bakery will open a brick-and-mortar store in early summer 2019 in Oak Park’s Broadway Triangle building, founder and head baker Christopher Beattie confirmed Monday.

Faria sells breads made from naturally-leavened “mother” or “starter,” which Beattie said gives sourdough loaves a dark, crackly shell and long shelf life that’s hard to replicate through commercial baking. Each hand-crafted loaf is priced at $8, though buyers don’t seem to mind — all 23 of Faria’s Yelp reviews have five stars.

Beattie began making his own pizzas topped with ingredients such as blackberries, burrata and brown sugar about 10 years ago, he said. That led to making his own bread, which led to naturally-leavened breads. He’s spent the last year-and-a-half taking San Francisco Baking Institute courses after moving to Sacramento, where his wife is a resident at the UC Davis Medical Center.

The bakery will sell housemade croissants, danishes and other pastries as well as coffee from a local roaster, Beattie said. He hopes to eventually start a lunchtime sandwich program.

Faria breads and pastries having been selling at local farmers markets and on a subscription basis since spring. Subscription pick-ups will soon move to the new Oak Park location — 3417 Broadway — a few blocks from Beattie’s house.

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