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Here are multimillion-dollar payouts for police use-of-force in the Sacramento region

The $35 million claim filed against the city of Sacramento in the March police shooting death of Stephon Clark would be one of the region’s biggest payouts in a police shooting case.

Such claims typically are reduced through negotiations or end up in jury trials. One such trial resulted in the largest wrongful death payout in a police shooting case in recent memory — the $6.5 million awarded by a jury last September for the death of Johnathan Rose, a mentally troubled man shot to death by a Sacramento sheriff’s deputy.

Other major payouts or settlements in use-of-force cases include:

  • A July 2018 agreement by the city of Stockton to pay out $5.75 million in the shooting death of Misty Holt-Singh, who was taken hostage during a bank robbery and killed in a shootout between the suspects and police.

  • An April 2018 agreement by the city of Lodi to pay out $2.65 million in the police shooting death of mentally ill Gulf War veteran Parminder Singh Shergill.

  • A May 2015 payment of $2 million by the city of Citrus Heights in the shooting death of Hunter Todd.

  • A 2003 payment of $1,050,000 by the city of Sacramento in the death of Donald Venerable Jr., who was shot by an officer in February 2001 while holding a cellphone.

  • A 2004 case in which Sacramento County agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a claim by Jennifer Graham, whose leg was torn by a sheriff’s K-9 dog.

  • An August 2009 payout of $1.45 million by Sacramento County in the death of William Francis Sams, who died in the county jail in 2006 after suffering from a perforated ulcer.

  • A September 2012 settlement by UC Davis to pay out $1 million to students pepper sprayed by campus police during a peaceful on-campus protest in November 2011.