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Dad’s Kitchen to open new location in East Sacramento

Dad’s Kitchen will open a new location in East Sacramento at 5610 Elvas Ave.

“The concept is going to be very similar to Dad’s Kitchen,” said Greg Gallagher, general manager of the company’s Freeport Boulevard eatery in Land Park.

But there may be some changes.

“We are kicking around a few tweaks to the menu (smoker on-site for barbecue) but as of yet nothing is set in stone,” Gallagher said.

He also said the new location will be dog, family and bicyclist friendly.

"We will have a big outdoor patio that will definitely be beer garden-esque," Gallagher said. “Food and beer will be ordered at a counter indoors and then we will have the kitchen miked so they can call out people’s names when their orders are ready.”

While there is no opening date set, they are hoping for the end of summer, Gallagher said, adding that the new restaurant is still in the planning and development stages.