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Sac Brew Boat launches its river tours

Monday is the official launch day of the new Sac Brew Boat tours on the Sacramento River. The creators of the popular Sac Brew Bike, will offer tours starting at 11am, seven days a week, with five 90-minute tours a day. They will allow 14 people on the boat for public tours and 16 passengers on their private boats. Seats range between $30-$35.

It’s an interactive experience where passengers will pedal away under their seats, powering a paddle wheel in the 30-foot boat’s rear. When groups get tired or aren’t moving quick enough to stay within their 90-minute window, they’ll be pushed along by a 10 horsepower motor charged via rooftop solar panels.

“We really brought the Sac Brew Boat here because we feel like the Sacramento River is an underutilized space for us,” co-owner Chris Ferren-Cirino said.

Tours start and end in Old Sacramento at the public docks on the Sacramento River, next to Rio City Cafe. To pre-order Sac Brew Boat tickets, go to