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Northern California small-business operators upbeat about national economy, but have concerns closer to home

Northern California small-business owners are feeling better about the national economy, but they are skeptical about conditions for small businesses in California, according to the 2015 U.S. Bank Small Business Survey.

In the survey, 71 percent of Northern California small-business owners believe the U.S. economy is in a recovery or expansion, slightly higher than the 67 percent nationally and 69 percent in Southern California.

However, on the local level, 57 percent in Northern California described small-business conditions in California as fair or poor, compared with 44 percent nationally. The majority of Southern California owners, 53 percent, agreed with their Northern California colleagues. The most commonly cited reasons for feeling worse about state conditions were higher taxes and regulations.

Still, 76 percent of Northern California business owners described the financial health of their business as good, very good or excellent. That matched the national percentage.

Northern California small-business owners cited jobs and unemployment as the top national issue, the same as they said last year.