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Before you get that new tattoo, ask your artist if they’re using these recalled inks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning tattoo aficionados to watch out for several recalled inks that were contaminated with hazardous microorganisms.

All of Scalp Aesthetics’ Scalpaink SC, PA and AL lines of black tattoo ink sold between August and October 2018 were recalled, but the size of the recall was not known, the FDA said. The Rochester, New York-based company sold the ink directly to tattoo shops.

Two lots of Dynamic Color Inc.’s black tattoo ink may have been infected with staphylococcus and other bacteria, prompting a recall, the FDA said. More than 800 bottles were recalled.

One lot of Color Art Inc.’s Diablo Solid Ink was recalled due to potentially containing microbes, the FDA said. The Diablo Solid Ink lot of 60 bottles was sold domestically and in South Korea and Taiwan.

The FDA recommended that retailers and tattoo artists not use the recalled inks at the risk of serious infection and suggested tattoo patrons ask their studios what inks they use.

“Commonly reported symptoms of tattoo-ink-associated infections include the appearance of rashes or lesions consisting of red papules in areas where the contaminated ink has been applied,” the FDA said in its advisory statement. “Some tattoo infections can result in permanent scarring.”

Customers who see signs of infection after getting a tattoo should talk to their doctor, tell their artist and possibly even make a report with the FDA, the agency said.

The contaminated inks were voluntarily recalled by the parent companies.