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VSP marketing chief to become new president of company’s Vision Care branch

Rancho Cordova-based VSP Global announced Wednesday that current company executive Kate Renwick-Espinosa will become the new president of the massive VSP Vision Care branch effective Oct. 1.

Renwick-Espinosa, the company’s chief marketing officer, will succeed Jim McGrann, who will become president and CEO of VSP Global on Oct. 1. His appointment was announced last month.

McGrann will take over for the retiring Rob Lynch, who has headed VSP Global since 2006.

Renwick-Espinosa has worked for VSP for nearly 25 years.

In a phone interview, Renwick-Espinosa noted that, by 2020, half of VSP Vision Care’s membership will be millennials. She added that VSP wants to do more beyond eye wear and eye care, “and improve people’s lives in a simple, easy-to-use” way. She also noted that “we will continue to expand internationally.”

VSP Vision Care has more than 75 million members and a network of 32,000 eye doctors in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.