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Folsom settles lawsuit against Sacramento County over Mather Airport

The city of Folsom has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against Sacramento County over noise from Mather Airport cargo flights.

A press release from the county and the city said the Folsom City Council agreed to the settlement in a closed session Tuesday night. The agenda for the meeting said the council was meeting in closed session to discuss “significant exposure to litigation” from Sacramento County. Folsom and county officials declined to comment Tuesday.

The press release says the “county of Sacramento has agreed to not sue the City of Folsom based on Mather-related issues – including the planned development south of Highway 50 – provided aviation easements remain in place in the newly annexed area of Folsom.” Folsom has approved the development of thousands of homes south of the highway.

The city sued Sacramento County in September, alleging that the county violated the California Environmental Quality Act when it approved an expansion plan for Mather Airport. Residents of Folsom and El Dorado County regularly complain about noise from cargo flights out of the airport.

The county’s environmental impact report said the expansion would not have a significant effect on airport noise.

The settlement agreement, which has not been formally approved, calls for the city and the county to explore alternative flight paths to reduce noise impacts on Folsom residents.

“The settlement strikes a balance, with the mutual goals of minimizing noise impacts in the city from cargo jets and offering relief for Folsom residents who are impacted by noise while recognizing the county’s desire to implement the approved Mather Airport Master Plan,” Folsom Mayor Andy Morin said in the release.

County Supervisor Phil Serna praised the settlement for resolving differences without “costly litigation.”