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Zipcar expands its rental car services to Sacramento International Airport

Zipcar, the Boston-based company that bills itself as the world’s largest car-sharing provider, has added Sacramento International Airport to its list of U.S. airports offering Zipcar services.

Three Zipcars – a Ford Escape named “Manoi”, a Volkswagen Jetta named “Canuck” and a Ford Focus sedan named “Branch” – are now available at the Sacramento airport, starting at $9 per hour or $69 per day or for a limited time.

The Sacramento expansion is part of a national promotion where Zipcar members can reserve a car at an airport Monday through Friday for $50 a day. Gas, insurance and 180 miles are included with each reservation.

Zipcar said its service is now available at more than 30 airports.

Zipcar caters to people who typically want to rent a car for a few hours, without having to go to a central rental car location or pay full-day fees. The company touts its Zipcar service as a simple way to explore locales during long flight delays/layovers or an option for business travelers who need to drive into downtown areas and return to the airport.

In November, Zipcar announced an expansion of its downtown Sacramento service, saying the local market was nicely suited to the company’s self-service rental car niche.

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