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CEC awards grants for biogas and wind power, including $1 million to UC Davis

The California Energy Commission awarded two grants this month for biogas and wind power projects, including $1 million to UC Davis.

The UCD award is to improve the accuracy of short-term forecasting of wind power production in the Tehachapi Wind Resources Area. It is part of $10 million approved by the CEC to fund research and development under the Electric Program Investment Charge program.

EPIC is a multi-year research investment program focused on electricity-related innovations and bringing clean energy ideas to the marketplace.

The California Energy Commission also awarded a $5 million grant to a Newport Beach company to build a digester that will process organic waste into 2.8 million diesel gallon equivalents of biogas each year, displacing an equal amount of diesel fuel used by trucks in the San Joaquin Valley.

The CEC said the project is three times larger than any other biogas project funded by the commission.

Newport Beach-based Colony Energy Partners is constructing the facility just east of Tulare. Organic waste sources for the digester are likely to include dairies, food processors, agricultural sites and restaurants.

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