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West Sacramento food recycler among 10 finalists in elite ag tech competition

West Sacramento-based food recycler California Safe Soil LLC is among 10 finalists chosen for an elite“Thrive Accelerator” program that spotlights and helps develop agriculture technologies worldwide.

Presented by Silicon Valley Group and Forbes magazine, the 2015 program will begin Jan. 7 in Salinas and end on March 4.

The 10 finalists were selected from more than 40 ag tech companies operating inside and outside the United States.

Winners chosen from the finalists will be featured at the “SVG/Forbes Reinventing America AgTech Summit” July 8-9 in the Salinas Valley, competing for funding and the opportunity to deploy their technologies at top ag companies.

CSS technology recycles organics from local supermarkets. Organics are processed in a facility in West Sacramento. The resulting liquid fertilizer is pasteurized for food safety, stabilized for extended shelf life and emulsified for ease of application by farmers through existing farm equipment.

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