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Sacramento ranks in top ten most affordable vacation destinations in United States

Sacramento might not be a top tourist destination, but a recent study suggests there might be good reason for travelers to pick the City of Trees for a vacation.

SmartAsset, a New York-based financial services company, took a look at airfare, hotel expenses and other costs and found that Sacramento was the ninth most affordable place in the country for a family of four to spend a short vacation and the tenth most affordable for individuals.

The study showed that a single person needs to spend about $1,029 for a three-day stay in the city while a family needs to spend about $2,880.

Topping out the list was Orlando, Fla., which boasts low car rental prices, where an individual can get by in the same length of time for a mere $853 and a family needs to spend $2,373, according to SmartAsset.

Sacramento was the top destination city in California, with San Diego trailing behind at 19th most affordable for families and San Jose behind that at 22nd, according to SmartAsset.

Nearby Reno, Nev., was ranked by SmartAsset as the fourth most affordable city for individuals and the seventh most affordable city for families, costing $974 and $2,797 for three days respectively.

Daily car rental prices in Sacramento average $52, while daily hotel rates average $128 and an average meal at a restaurant costs $25, according to SmartAsset.

Compare those to San Diego, where daily car rental prices average $82 and daily hotel rates average $153 — though meal costs are about the same, according to SmartAsset.

In San Jose, daily car rental prices average just $45, but daily hotel rates are relatively high, averaging $175, while an average meal at a restaurant costs $30, according to SmartAsset.

SmartAsset’s study covered the 48 largest cities in the country. Its full listing and the study’s methodology can be found here.

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