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South Lake Tahoe vacation-home rentals now face stricter rules

Amid complaints about noise, parking and trash, South Lake Tahoe is tightening regulations on vacation-home rentals.

On Friday, updates to the city’s Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Ordinance, which affect owners and renters, went into effect.

VHRs are properties that can be rented for less than 30 straight days, according to the city.

The changes include:

  • No more warnings and implementation of a minimum $1,000 fine for both owners and guests for violations. Fines were $250.
  • If a property gets three fines within two years, its VHR permit will be revoked. (There is a cap of 1,400 VHRs outside of the core tourist area.)
  • Renters can only park in the property’s garage and driveway, not on the street.
  • Excessive noise is prohibited between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. (Hot tub use is not allowed during these hours.)
  • VHRs must have bear boxes by July 31, 2018.
  • VHR owners must inform renters of the regulations.

A “Vacation Home Rental Socioeconomic Impact Report” by Michael Baker International, an engineering and development consultant, was released by the city on June 5.

The portion of the study focusing on vacation-rental problems found that noise, trash and parking problems were the No. 1 complaint among South Lake Tahoe residents.

However, the report said that “the most popular comments for the ‘none of the above’ response (in the study) were those noting that problems occur in very specific areas and properties, and that greater enforcement of these ‘problem properties’ is needed.”

Six law enforcement officers will be dedicated to dealing with vacation-rental issues.

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