Man flings woman out door of Napa bar and attacks till she’s unconscious, video shows

Surveillance cameras outside a Napa, California, bar captured two men attacking a woman this month, and police hope the “disturbing” video helps track down the suspect who hasn’t yet been arrested.

The exterior of Stone’s Sports Bar & Lounge is desolate as the video begins — but the door suddenly flings open around 11:20 p.m. on Nov. 17, as a man lunges out of the bar with a woman under him. The pair land on concrete outside the bar. A handful of other men pour out of the bar after them, some wielding what appear to be pool sticks, video shows.

“We didn’t go outside. We flew outside,” said the woman who was attacked, who asked that she only be identified as Audrey, CBS San Francisco reports. “Like he threw me and landed on top of me. I went blank, I went black and everything was kind of fuzzy for a minute. I don’t remember everything.”

The victim said she visits Stone’s to play pool — and that’s what she was up to when the attacker arrived, so she used her pool stick to try to defend herself, CBS reports.

“I was already in fight or flight,” she said, describing the moments before the attack, according to CBS. “I was already intimidated. I was already scared.”

Napa police said in a Facebook post that one suspect, Juan Rojas, attacked and kicked the female bar patron several times. Rojas later turned himself in, according to police. He is being held without bail, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

But the other suspected attacker, James Curtis Faulkenberry, is still wanted on an active arrest warrant, Napa police said. He’s accused of punching the woman in the face, which knocked her unconscious. Police said Faulkenberry should be considered dangerous.

Faulkenberry has distinctive tattoos on his arms and neck, according to police.

Napa, California, police are looking for a James Faulkenberry, pictured here, who is suspected in an attack on a woman outside of a bar. The woman is recovering. Another suspect already surrendered. Napa police

The bystanders who filed out of the bar tried to help the woman, but Faulkenberry and Rojas assaulted them as well, video shows.

Police said the woman had multiple injuries after the attack. Her face was swollen, and she faded in and out of consciousness, according to police.

Both Rojas and Faulkenberry ran away from the bar before police got to the scene.

Court records show that Faulkenberry faces two felony assault charges and a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace, the Napa Valley Register reports. Rojas faces three felony assault charges, court records said.

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