Man orders more naked protesters from Amazon as thieves snatch two of his mannequins

Homeowner Jason Windus says the thefts of two naked mannequins from a display in his yard won’t deter his protest of a city order to shorten his fence, The Press Democrat reports.

Windus set up the naked garden party in his Santa Rosa, California, yard to tweak the city and a neighbor who had complained that his new six-foot fence blocked the views of drivers at a nearby intersection, violating city codes, KPIX reported.

But two of the female mannequins vanished overnight Wednesday and Thursday, The Press Democrat reported. Thieves left the leg of one mannequin on the sidewalk. Windus says he hasn’t reported the loss to police.

“They’re busy with important crimes, saving lives and stuff,” he said, according to the publication. “Although a ‘missing mannequin report’ would be hilarious.”

Windus blames the thefts on the city order to lower part of his fence to 36 inches, KGO reported. He had outfitted a mannequin with an army-style helmet to serve as a guard, but that apparently failed to deter the thieves, Windus said.

Despite the mannequins gone missing in action, Windus says he’s not giving up on his protest, The Press Democrat reports. He replaced the lost partiers with three other mannequins he had in storage, and has ordered two more from Amazon.

He had the fence built six months ago at a cost of $9,000 to give his two large dogs more play room, but says the shortened fence is useless, KRON reported.

Windus, who runs a moving company, had earlier saved some discarded, mostly anatomically correct mannequins because “they were so cool,” KTVU reported. After complying with the city’s order to shorten his fence, Windus decided to deploy them in protest.

He used the mannequins to set up a nude garden party in his yard, clearly visible over the shorter fence, complete with a sign on an empty chair inviting the “nosey neighbor” whom he suspects reported his fence to the city to join in, KPIX reported.

“You want me to cut my fence down?” Windus said, according to the station. “Now you get to see what’s behind the fence.”

Windus says he’s had “like 50 people stop, taking pictures, telling me how great it is” since setting up the display, KTVU reported.

Neighbor Rocco Giovanetti said he’s not bothered by the naked garden party, KRON reported.

“Come on, it’s freedom of speech. You know, freedom of you can do whatever you want with your house,” Giovanetti said, according to the station. “People just need to come together and just have a little laugh about it, you know what I mean? Just relax, it’s all in good fun.”

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