‘Santa Cruz is canceled.’ Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ scares filmgoers off California city

Us - Official Trailer

Trailer for 'Us,' Jordan Peele's follow-up to the critically acclaimed horror film 'Get Out'
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Trailer for 'Us,' Jordan Peele's follow-up to the critically acclaimed horror film 'Get Out'

A newly released horror movie by Jordan Peele has some fans too scared to visit Santa Cruz, California, or its famed boardwalk.

At least, that’s what they’re saying on Twitter.

“Us,” a psychological thriller, takes place in the coastal city, with some scenes set on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, The San Francisco Chronicle reports.

The film debuted on Friday, pulling in $70 million over the weekend, reported Variety, which called Peele’s second directorial effort “scary good.” He also directed 2017’s “Get Out.”

But “Us,” which focuses on a family threatened by lookalikes on a vacation trip, has some Twitter posters saying they’re swearing off Santa Cruz and the boardwalk for good.

“Santa Cruz is canceled,” read one Twitter post.

“US killed my desire to go to santa cruz,” wrote another fan on Twitter with a frowny emoji.

“Why did “us” have to based in Santa Cruz man it’s already scary enough living there as is?” asked another Twitter post on the film.

The movie also turned some fans off the city’s famous boardwalk.

“Us was so good, but now i never want to go back to the Santa Cruz boardwalk,” wrote one filmgoer on Twitter.

“Okay, I just saw Us. I’m shook. Never going to Santa Cruz boardwalk again. Thanks @JordanPeele,” wrote Edwin Rios, a “Mother Jones” reporter, on Twitter.

And one Twitter post jokingly took the blame for the city’s bad rap in “Us.”

“One time I co-wrote the dumbest sketch @JordanPeele ever had to be in, where he played a blueberry pie, and I think he returned the favor by turning my hometown of Santa Cruz into a bloodbath with ‘Us.’ Thanks,” lamented Brian Firenzi, a writer and actor, on Twitter.

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