Angry mom berates bullies at a California school, video shows. ‘I’ll f--- them all up’

Screengrab from YouTube video

Mom Christian Tinsley says she snapped when her bullied daughter told her before school Tuesday she’d probably have killed herself if she wasn’t so strong, KCBS reports.

In a tirade caught on video, Tinsley enters a classroom at Niguel Hills Middle School to berate and threaten the boys she accuses of bullying her daughter, KTLA reported.

“Y’all think y’all bullies? I’m a big bully, ok?” Tinsley says in the video, apparently shot by a student in the class and posted to YouTube.

Warning: This video contains explicit language.

“She’s a girl. Y’all are boys, ok?” Tinsley continues. “If y’all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way, send your mom to me. Sisters, aunts, anybody over 18, I’ll f--- them all up. Do you understand me?”

“Leave my daughter alone, and I mean that,” she says.

Tinsley also handed out “free ass-kicking” tickets as she left the classroom, KTLA reported.

A woman who appears to be a teacher initially sits at the front of the class next to Tinsley as she addresses the children but later cannot be seen in the video.

The teacher contacted the front office for help and an assistant principal escorted Tinsley off-campus, Principal Tim Reece informed parents in an email, The Orange County Register reported.

The Capistrano Unified School District has since banned her from the school, according to the publication.

Tinsley says she was driven over the edge by the incessant bullying of her daughter, KCBS reported.

“I think that sometimes when you’ve done everything you can do the way you’re supposed to do it, and it hasn’t been resolved, then sometimes as a parent … you have to decide if you’re going to go a step further and deal with any consequences,” Tinsley said, according to the station.

She said she went into “mama bear mode” when her daughter made a comment about suicide, KCBS reported.

Laguna Niguel lies south of Los Angeles in Orange County.

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