5-year-old walking home from school badly hurt by bottle tossed from SUV, Calif. cops say

Screengrab from KTLA video

A 5-year-old girl looking forward to graduating from kindergarten Monday instead spent the weekend in intensive care after being hit by a flying glass bottle, KNBC reports.

A bottle tossed from a passing SUV hit Karla Zosayas in the head Friday, fracturing her skull, as she walked home from school in Corona, California, with her siblings, KTLA reported.

“I saw my little sister on the ground and I thought my sister just fell,” said Vabian Herrera, her brother, KCAL reported. “But then when I went to pick her up, I noticed she started bleeding from her head.”

Corona police are seeking a large silver or gray SUV, possibly a Chevy Tahoe, with collision damage to the front and six- or eight-spoke wheels, officers wrote on Facebook.

Police believe someone in the SUV tossed the bottle that hit Karla on Lincoln Avenue at 2:38 p.m. Friday, the post reads. They ask that anyone with information call (951) 817-5837.

Officers don’t know whether the person who threw the bottle intended to hit Karla or not, but the SUV’s driver did not stop to check on her, KNBC reported.

Her siblings say they shouted at the driver to stop after the incident, KCAL reported. But a passer-by did stop to help and wait with the children for an ambulance.

“For my family, everyone’s scared and angry, because whoever did this obviously was heartless,” said Maria Zosayas, Karla’s sister, according to KTLA. “They didn’t care.”

Karla suffered fractures to her skull and collarbone, along with swelling in her brain, KCAL reported. She was hospitalized in intensive care.

“She’s such a young age and she has to suffer through this, and she doesn’t really know what’s happening fully,” Maria said, KTLA reported.

Karla underwent surgery and was doing better Saturday evening, KNBC reported.

Her family hopes Karla can come home from the hospital by her 6th birthday on June 21, KCAL reported.

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